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We help you secure your home with real estate insurance. Property insurance covers your home from fire to flood, from theft to earthquake

Property insurance has always been important to homeowners around the world. Renovating a home or buying new furniture after a natural disaster is costly. However, paying small amounts of annual insurance costs is much more affordable for everyone. In this case, the real estate owners mostly prefer their property insurance. Fork Group helps its customers with real estate insurance as a free after-sales service.

Real estate document in Turkey and its transfer to receive a Turkish passport and residence in Istanbul and all costs
In Turkey, you want to taste real estate ownership. With this insurance package, you can ensure your complete comfort. Home Insurance in Istanbul, Turkey A home insurance policy protects you from fire to flood, earthquake theft. Compared to the regular property insurance plan, this plan has several additional coverages.

DASK (Turkish Natural Disaster Insurance)

This is a mandatory earthquake insurance. Compulsory earthquake insurance is government-required insurance that is renewed every year.

What does property insurance cover?

Property insurance property due; Fire, lightning, explosion, theft, strike, riot, internal disturbance, flood, vehicle-to-plane collision, inland water, smoke, storm, heavy snow, landslide, inflation, common property cover, painting and whitewashing by tenants , Direct damage from fuel leakage, accidental breakage for home furniture, personal accident insurance, third party liability insurance, private sports equipment insurance, insurance for legal protection, cost elimination, rental coverage and post-earthquake costs, tree cover Exterior and decorative plants will cover the new value clause for damaged home furniture and emergency relief.

Property insurance options in Turkey
سند ملکی در ترکیه و انتقال آن جهت دریافت پاسپورت ترکیه و اقامت در استانبول و کلیه هزینه ها
  1. Earthquake and volcanic eruption,
  2. Marine vehicle collision,
  3. Broken glass,
  4. Electronic equipment insurance,
  5. Liability for fire,
  6. Explosion,
  7. Loss of rent,
  8. Expenses for removing your location due to loss,
  9. Liability for fire and explosion.

Insurance costs depend on the square meter and the announced price of the property. The prices shown below are examples based on current rates, but may differ from other properties in Istanbul.

  • 1 bedroom apartment for about 90 euros,
  • 2 bedroom apartment for about 120 euros,
  • 3 bedroom apartment for about 150 euros,
  • Houses around 220 euros.
Compulsory desk earthquake insurance: (DASK)
Do (al (Do Afal Afet Sigortalar) Kurumu) is compulsory earthquake insurance. While in Turkey, having a new water and electricity subscription, DASK insurance is one of the required documents.


Property insurance in Turkey and frequently asked questions

There are several insurance companies that you can deal with. However, if you bought your property with 4K Group, you can contact your dealer for property insurance options.

Property insurance costs, in addition to announcing the price of the property, also depend on the total area of your home.
Not. DASK insurance only covers buildings.
They offer insurance companies, building insurance, content insurance and home insurance. Home insurance covers all your belongings and the building itself, while building insurance is only for the building and content insurance is only for your belongings. You can choose the one that suits you.
It is always better to look for insurance that meets your needs, not price. Instead, you should consider the dangers of the area, such as the possibility of an earthquake.

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