Maltepe area

نمودار رشد خانه در منطقه مال تپه Maltepe
Maltepe area
منطقه مال تپه (Maltepe)
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General information of the area

Maltepe (Istanbul Turkish Maltepe) is a beautiful and lush region on the Anatolian side of Istanbul (ie located in the Asian part of Istanbul) which is adjacent to the silver shore of the Sea of Marmara and adjacent to Kadıköy, Kartal, Sanjak Hill (Sancaktepe) and Ataşehir. Mal Tappeh is the ninth largest district in Istanbul and the fourth largest district in Anatolia.

Mal Tappeh Istanbul - Asian Istanbul 2

The name of this region means a hill that is full of treasure and wealth, as it is known that the Turks gave this name to this region based on some old legends.

Historically, the hill has been traced back to the time of the Byzantine Empire, which is said to have been called Orias at that time. Although the name is said to have been taken by historians from the ruins of Brya Palace, there is no definite evidence of this. What archaeologists believe is the historical principle that the foundations of today’s Maltepe region were actually laid in the 16th century.

It is said that in the years after the Republic of Turkey, a large fire broke out in the green area of Maltepe, which unfortunately burned down all its beautiful wooden houses. In the following years, in 1928, the municipality of Maltepe was established, and after 1960, due to the expansion of public transportation, rapid development took place in the area, which was filled with modern urban construction.

Mal Tappeh was bordered by Imraniyeh and Kartal from the northwest from 1992 to 2004, and separated from Imraniyeh and Kartal in 2004 and became an independent region.

Features of the Mediterranean climate can be seen in this beautiful region. Malta is hot and dry in summers and rainy and cool in winters. In spring the weather is very pleasant and cool and often rainy, but in autumn it is mild and accompanied by heavy rains. The natural vegetation of the Mal Tappeh area is forested. At present, vineyards and orchards in flat areas have unfortunately been reduced to some extent, and now settlements, workplaces, workshops and factories have been established instead of farms and pastures. In recent years, the municipality has established beautiful parks in the Mal Tappeh area, which is a great place to spend weekends.

Maltepe Sahil parki and the beautiful beach of Maltepe area

Mal Tappeh Istanbul - Asian district of Istanbul

It can be said that one of the largest coastal parks in the world is located in the Mal Tappeh region. The area of this coastal park is 1.2 million square meters and the areas of this park have been exploited to a large extent. There are 20,000 trees in this coastal park and the cost of completing this large park is estimated at 201 million Turkish lira.

The beautiful beach of Mal Tappeh area is also very noteworthy because it has a rocky beach and a sandy beach, in addition to the special expenses of the municipality, it has become a beautiful place for hiking, sports and family picnics. . Mal Tappeh Beach Park holds a variety of cultural and entertainment programs. It is also a unique place for festivals and charities in Istanbul, which is inaugurated every year in the presence of cultural members and the mayor of Mal Tappeh. As we mentioned, the Sea of Marmara is located in the south of Mal Tappeh.

Ramzi Pasa Istanbul Mansion - Remzi Pasa Kosku

Ramzi Pasa Istanbul Mansion - Remzi Pasa Kosku

Ramzi Pasha Mansion is located in Chamdibi area in Mal Tappeh area, the construction of this work dates back to very old years. This area has been known in the past, especially during the Canakkale War.

During World War I, officers and soldiers to be sent to Canakkale were sent from the mansion, which was designated as the headquarters.

Istanbul Hill Lighthouse - Fenerli Kosk Maltepe

Istanbul Hill Lighthouse - Fenerli Kosk Maltepe

The lighthouse of Istanbul’s Mal Tappeh region is one of the historical sites of Mal Tappeh region, which is also considered as a symbol of this region. Domestic and foreign tourists visit this historical monument individually and in groups.

Tomb of Hazrat Yusha Istanbul - Hazrat Yüşa Türbesi

Tomb of Hazrat Yusha Istanbul - Hazrat Yüşa Türbesi

The area of the tomb of Hazrat Josha is a recreational place located next to a hill of the same name that families often travel to this place in the area of Mal Tappeh for weekends and picnics as well as worship next to this historic tomb.

Maltepe Merkez Cumhuriyet Camii

Maltepe Merkez Cumhuriyet Camii

مالstanbul مالstanbul Republic Mosque is the main and most important religious center and mosque in مالstanbul’s Mall Tappeh district, which has a beautiful and historical building. This mosque is built in the center of Istanbul’s Mal Tappeh neighborhood.

Five springs belong to Istanbul Hill - Beşçeşmeler

Five springs belong to Istanbul Hill - Beşçeşmeler

Istanbul’s Mal Tepe district, which has a rich history from the time of the Byzantine Empire, is now one of the best areas of Istanbul in the Asian part. This area has a place called Panj Cheshmeh, which is named after an aqueduct in the past. Now this place is full of great cafes and restaurants and has become a place of entertainment that is very popular with the locals.

List of neighborhoods in Mal Tappeh area

The name of the neighborhood in Turkish The name of the neighborhood in Turkish
Feyzullah Mahallesi Altayçeşme Mahallesi
Fındıklı Mahallesi Altıntepe Mahallesi
Girne Mahallesi Aydınevler Mahallesi
Gülensu Mahallesi Bağlarbaşı Mahallesi
Gülsuyu Mahallesi Başıbüyük Mahallesi
İdealtepe Mahallesi Büyükbakkalköy Mahallesi
Küçükyalı Mahallesi Cevizli Mahallesi
Yalı Mahallesi Çınar Mahallesi
Zümrütevler Mahallesi Esenkent Mahallesi

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