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مقایسه رشد مسکن-ایران ترکیه

Buying property in Türkiye or Iran? Where is better?

The decision between buying property in Turkey or Iran depends on various factors, including personal goals, economic conditions, laws and regulations related to property ownership, the state of the property market, and the specific needs of each person. Buying property in Turkey seems to be much more profitable than in Iran. It is because people's capital is saved in dollars.

خرید ملک در استانبول

Buying a house and property in Istanbul 1403-2024 – practical podcasts

Buying a property in Istanbul or any other city may come with challenges and risks. To ensure success in this process, it is important to familiarize yourself with Istanbul's property laws. Any property you intend to buy must be related and compatible with real estate laws. Property regulations in Turkey may vary, so be sure to check these issues carefully.

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