Kartal area

منطقه کارتال
Kartal area
منطقه کارتال (Kartal)
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General information of the area

Kartal region is one of the Asian regions of Istanbul, which is located between Mal Tappeh and Pendik regions.

Many constructions in Kartal region, each of which has its own characteristics, have increased the value of this region. This region is one of the growing regions and therefore hosts many real estate investors.

Kartal means eagle in Istanbul Turkish.

Kartal District of Istanbul Kartal - Asian Istanbul

One of the advantages of Kartal area is that you can choose between forest and sea views for your apartment.

This area has good access to all areas and has two subway lines in parallel, one subway line “M4” which starts from Pendik area and passes through Kartal area in the direction of “D100” highway and finally reaches Kadikoy area. The other line is the Marmara metro line.

The distance from this area to Sabiha Airport is 5 minutes and to Baghdad Street, which is one of the most beautiful main streets of Istanbul, 20 minutes.

Kartal Beach is more than 8 km long and is geographically adjacent to Buick Ada Island, which increases the value of Kartal in terms of tourism.
Along the coastline, the municipality has been able to achieve good success in filling leisure time for residents by creating recreation and entertainment centers.

Dragos Hill is part of the Kartal district and one of the most expensive and luxurious areas in Istanbul.

Kartal is a quiet area where many families prefer to live.

There are many universities in this area, including Marmara University and the School of Nursing.

Shopping centers in this area include Asia Shopping Center, M1 and East Marina.

Attractions in this area include Assenti Recreation Complex, Kartal Beach, Dragos Hill, Idos Forest and Idus Hill in Istanbul.

The best hotels in the Kartal area were Golden Dream Hotel, De Grand Mira, Titanic Business Hotel, Park ١٥٦ and Grand Lark Hotel.

Dragos Tepesi

Istanbul Dragos Tepesi - Istanbul Dragos Tepesi

Dragos Hill is one of the places of interest in the Kartal region, where the Princess Islands or the Adalar Islands are well visible, and this unique landscape is one of the main features of this beautiful and spectacular hill.

The origin of this hill dates back to the sixth century AD. Dragos is one of the most important historical monuments in the Asian part of Istanbul, which is located between the borders of Mal Tappe and Kartal.

Aydos Forest - Aydos Ormanı

Istanbul Aydos Ormanı

The Idos Forest of Istanbul is located in the northernmost part of the Kartal region in the Asian part. This forest is one of the surviving parts of the former southern forests in the Asian part.

The Idos forest is surrounded by the areas of Kartal, Pendik and Sultan Bailey.

Esinti Kır Evi

Istanbul Esinti Kالr Evi

Asinti entertainment complex with its full facilities is one of the recreational spaces in the Kartal district of Istanbul, which is especially popular among the residents of this area. This recreation center welcomes families and residents of Kartal region. The green space of the restaurants and cafes of this complex is famous.
You can use the nature of this complex for hours and spend your time and eat with your loved ones.

List of neighborhoods of Kartal region

The name of the neighborhood in Turkish The name of the neighborhood in Turkish
Orta Mahallesi Atalar Mahallesi
Petrol iş Mahallesi Cevizli Mahallesi
Soğanlık yeni Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Mahallesi
Topselvi Mahallesi Çavuşoğlu Mahallesi
Uğur mumcu Mahallesi Esentepe Mahallesi
Yakacık çarşı Mahallesi Gümüşpınar Mahallesi
Yakacık yenı Mahallesi Hürriyet Mahallesi
Yalı Mahallesi Karlıktepe Mahallesi
Yukarı Mahallesi Kordonboyu Mahallesi
Yunus Mahallesi Orhantepe Mahallesi

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