ISBIKE – Bicycle rental system in Istanbul

ISBIKE - سیستم اجاره ی دوچرخه در استانبول
ISBIKE – Bicycle rental system in Istanbul

In 2013, the Istanbul City Council launched a plan to use smart bikes in Istanbul called isbike. Which became the first smart cycling station on the famous Bostanci-Kartal tas coastal road and gradually increased the number of stations in the Asian and European part of Istanbul. If you are also interested in cycling in Istanbul, you can use isbike smart bikes.

Istanbul Smart Bikes - ISBIKE

To do this, you need to install the isbike app on your mobile phone and easily rent a bike.
The isbike app shows you the nearest bicycle station. On the map you can see all the stations and the number of available bicycles.

You can also see the walkway to the station on the map. Registration in this application requires a mobile number and you can pay your membership fee or rent with a credit card.

Note that the telephone line must be for Turkey, because a confirmation code will be sent to it. In this application, you can also see the time of your cycling.

The isbike app can run on iOS and Android phones.

Steps to book and receive a bike

Rent a bike in Istanbul with a credit card

ISBIKE - Istanbul Smart Bikes

By entering the application, click on the kirala bisklet button, first specify the number of bicycles you want to rent, and then enter your mobile number, and then enter the credit card information. At this stage, 50 lira will be deducted from your account.

  • After doing this, you will be given an 8-digit password
  • Enter the password received on your mobile phone on the keyboard on the bicycle parking device, then press the login button.
  • After entering the password, the parking lock will be unlocked and you can get your bike.

One year standard subscription

Istanbul Smart Bikes - ISBIKE

Subscribers with a standard one-year subscription are able to rent a bicycle after deducting the activation and maintenance amount from their account and returning the remaining amount to their account.

Subscribers with one-year subscription are able to rent two bicycles, the cost of renting a second bicycle is calculated based on the normal tariff.

Subscribers with a one-year standard bike rental must have at least 10 lira in their account.

If this amount falls below 10 lira, their account will be blocked until the amount is paid.

The validity of the subscribers’ account is 1 year, and in case of completion, they must re-deposit the one-year subscription amount.

If the subscription is not renewed, the subscribers’ account will be blocked until the renewal and payment.

The remaining amount will remain in the joint account but will not be refunded.

The cost of using a smart bike

ISBIKE - Istanbul Smart Bikes

The initial fee is 23 Turkish lira for a regular subscription and 70 Turkish lira for a private subscription. In a regular subscription, you can use the smart bike for free for the first five minutes and enjoy cycling in Istanbul. In case of private subscription, the first half hour is free.

If you use a credit card, the initial amount of 50 lira will be deducted from your account. If you use the bike for less than this amount, the remaining amount will be refunded to your account within two to 7 days.

Hourly cost of bicycle:

  • An hour, about 4 lira
  • One to two hours from 5 to 6 lira
  • From two to three hours from 7 to 8 lira
  • More than 3 hours, 5 lira per hour

Important tips for using a smart bike

Smart bikes in Istanbul ISBIKE
  • Check bicycles, wheels, seats, etc. before using the bike. If there is a problem, you can change the bike for up to 5 minutes.
  • Sometimes the password you enter on the device may not work and may not be unlocked. Do not worry and try the password on another device.
  • You can also deliver the bike to any other station.
  • Make sure the bike is locked so you do not have to pay extra.

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