What is the truth of the traffic ticket in Türkiye?

ریجکت شدن اقامت توریستی ترکیه
What is the truth of the traffic ticket in Türkiye?
ریجکت شدن اقامت توریستی ترکیه

Unfortunately, these days, more than anything else, we see the term “traffic card” on virtual pages.

But the fact is that there is no such type of paper. This interpretation is a clever, deceptive and intentional naming.

If this name is chosen, the best true description of it is the appeal sheet for the rejected or rejected case of the residence applicant.

This sheet actually shows that the applicant could not accept the result of the immigration office for some reason, and this behavior is related to legal issues.

Protest against the rejection of Turkish residence

Legally, you are allowed to appeal the decision of the Immigration Department in the Administrative Court of Turkey. But the outcome of your protest depends heavily on the characteristics and circumstances of your case.

For example, in cases where applications for tourist residence are rejected, the courts often rule in favor of the immigration authorities. But in cases like rejection of student residence applications, the chances of winning in court are higher.

The court’s final decision depends on various factors such as the circumstances of the case, the information provided, and the rules for each type of residence.

If necessary, it is better to consult with a lawyer specializing in immigration or legal matters in Turkey to determine the right path for your protest.

But the question that arises here is: Does the protest really change the outcome or not?

It should be noted that most of the cases that lead to objections do not lead to fundamental changes in the result and the initial rejected answer is confirmed.

What happens if the objection to the rejection of Turkish residence is not accepted?

ریجکت شدن اقامت توریستی ترکیه

This objection can be

– Fees for staying in the country without a permit

– The legal fees of the Immigration Department

-Getting a deportation order

and the ban on entering TurkeyLeads.

So it can be concluded that the only objection may be wise if the applicant really has valid documents and reliable reasons to stay in Turkey.

Unless, for any reason, knowing the consequences of the protest, she accepted the deportation order and the entry ban order in advance.

Finally, it should be said that two things should be kept in mind in order to protest the rejection of the request:

1- Having a valid and reliable reason:The objection must be based on legal documents and reasons It can be proven to be presented to the relevant authority.

2- Objecting to the right reference in the right way:Choosing the correct reference and Protesting through legal means can improve your chances of staying on the land Türkiye to increase.

For this reason, it is important that individuals benefit from legal counsel and immigration experts when contesting the rejection of an application to ensure that their objections are legitimate and justified and are made in the correct manner and in front of the appropriate authority.

Let's get to know more about Kimlik card of Türkiye

“Identification card of the Republic of Turkey” is an official document that shows that its owner is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and is registered in the population records.

This card is provided inside the country by the population and passport offices, and if the person is abroad, it is issued by the foreign agencies of the Republic of Turkey.

Legally, every Turkish citizen must be registered in the civil registry and issued an identity card from the time of birth.

“Kimlik” is actually equivalent to a residence card in Turkey. This card contains an 11-digit code that starts with 99 and is known as T.C. Individual Number, which stands for the Republic of Turkey.

In the card, personal information such as name, surname, nationality, place of birth and place of residence are mentioned.

The validity period of Kimlik card is determined based on the duration of the person’s residence permit.

According to the relevant laws and regulations, the Immigration Department can either reject or accept your residence request. The length of stay, which can be different, depends on the documents provided and the individual’s conditions.

If you have sufficient documentation at the time your case is processed, you will likely be granted a one-year stay under normal circumstances.

In this regard, it should be remembered that the residence card meansObtain Turkish citizenship is not; Rather, it indicates the right to stay for a certain period of time.

What are the conditions for receiving Kymlik card of Türkiye?

Obtaining a tourist residence in Turkey by renting a property was one of the easiest ways for those who wanted to stay in the country.

But now, with the change in the rules, it is only possible to get a tourist residence by buying a property, and if you rent a property, you are more likely to be rejected.

ریجکت شدن اقامت توریستی ترکیه

The best ways to get Turkish residency

Obtaining Turkish tourist residence is currently only possible under the following conditions:

  • The need to be in Turkey due to scientific and academic research
  • Obtaining a tourist residence in Turkey by purchasing a property (minimum 250 thousand dollars)
  • Starting a job and business activity based on the government laws of this country, on the condition of obtaining a visa or work permit
  • Obtaining residence through marriage
  • Obtaining residence by participating in training courses

What documents are required to receive Turkish Kimlik?

To apply for a tourist stay in Turkey, you need to prepare and submit the following documents:

  • The rendezvous form is printed
  • health insurance
  • Tax code
  • Land right payment receipt and
  • The cost of issuing and printing Kimlik card
  • Copy of house deed (tapu) and number registration
  • Four pieces of 6×4 photos with a white background
  • Completing the form to determine the source of individual income and travel plan
  • Providing documents to prove the touristic purpose of one’s stay, such as hotel reservation, travel plan
  • Funding in a Turkish bank account (you can open a bank account in Turkey with your passport and receive funds)
  • Completing the travel purpose form and providing a tour plan to obtain tourist accommodation

Note that the immigration office may ask you for additional documents depending on your case. For more detailed information, it is better to contact immigration consultants or official Turkish sources.

Procedures for obtaining Turkish Kimlik card for tourist stay

ریجکت شدن اقامت توریستی ترکیه

Filling out the rendezvous form

To complete the rendezvous form, visit the website of the Turkish Immigration Department at e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr. Fill out the relevant forms carefully.

This information must be entered very carefully in the form.

For example, in the job section, if a person selects “çalışyorum” (working) when applying for a tourist residence, this may lead to the rejection of the application.

Because according to Turkish law, it is forbidden to work for people who have a tourist residence. Of course, if a person has a work permit in Turkey, she can work legally.

After completing the rendezvous form, you will be informed about the time of the interview or visit to the immigration office, and this information will be sent to you via SMS.

Buying health insurance

When completing the rendezvous form, information related to the purchased health insurance must also be entered. This information will include insurance details, insurance policy number, insurance start and end dates, and any information related to your health insurance.

These items are important and must be filled carefully and based on real documents so that the tourist residence application process can be done correctly.

Get the tax code

When completing the rendezvous form, information related to the purchased health insurance must also be entered. This information will include insurance details, insurance policy number, insurance start and end dates, and any information related to your health insurance.

These items are important and must be filled carefully and based on real documents so that the tourist residence application process can be done correctly.

Receive nomarage

Nomaratage is actually a document that shows that your place of residence in Turkey is real and valid

To get a house registration, go to the municipality of your living area with a photo of the house document and send a short message that shows the time of your appointment at the immigration office.

This action is necessary so that the process of applying for tourist accommodation can be done accurately and quickly.

Payment of the land of Türkiye

The amount of Turkish soil money is 40 dollars for people under 18 years old and 80 dollars for people over 18 years old.

It should be noted that the dollar price is calculated based on the Rendvo day rate and this rate will also be mentioned in the Rendvo form.

Turkish residency interview

According to the time when the text message or email was sent to you, refer to the immigration office. Here, a case will be made for you and you will be referred to a room and an expert.

On the day of handing over the documents, it is better to bring the statement of your Turkish bank account with you.

The amount of resources needed in 2024 for one year is about 100 thousand liras per person.

This information will help you to correctly and carefully perform the actions related to the tourist residence request.

ریجکت شدن اقامت توریستی ترکیه

The duration of receiving the Kymlik card of Türkiye

After registering the residence request and receiving the appointment, you will be notified about 10 to 15 days later when the documents will be delivered. After submitting the documents, it takes about 10 days for your residence card to be issued and sent.

In total, it takes about 30 days from the time of filing the application to the delivery of the final card. Note that it is not possible to receive the original card in less than this period.

The rejection of the Turkish Kimlik card application (residence in Türkiye)

If your residence application is rejected for reasons such as incorrect completion of the residence application form, fake lease, invalid health insurance and similar cases, the immigration office will issue you a 10-day leave letter. You must leave Turkey within this period.

If you don’t leave the country within the stipulated period, you will be charged an extra fine for your stay in Turkey at the exit point. Also, depending on the reason for the rejection of the application, sometimes between 6 months and 1 year, you may not be allowed to apply for residency again.

It is recommended to make sure that your information and documents are accurate and valid when applying for residence to avoid rejection of the application.

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