Investing in the Turkish Stock Exchange and its conditions

Investing in the Turkish Stock Exchange and its conditions

When speaking ofinvestmentIn the Turkish stock market, almost everyone thinks of the stock market dose. The stock market, an integral part of today’s global economy and financial markets, began to expand in the 17th and 18th centuries. However, various loan instruments and commodities have been trading in stock markets in many parts of the world since the earliest times, when the concept of the stock market did not yet exist.

How to invest in the Turkish stock market?

Investing in the Turkish stock market is one of the most used ways to invest in Turkey. However, to start investing in the Turkish stock market, certain conditions must be met.

The Istanbul Stock Exchange was established in 1926, and in 2013, with the merger of the Gold Exchange and the Long-Term and Futures Trading Exchanges, the Istanbul Stock Exchange continued to operate.

Now in the age of cyberspace, you can easily access the Istanbul Stock Exchange investment tools via the Internet. You can easily submit your orders with advanced screens developed by intermediary companies.

The first stock market in Turkey was established in rye, under the siege of the Kutia region, in the last years of 200 AD, by order of the Roman emperor Dioletianus. The building, called Aizanoi, was used as a wheat market at the time, and prices were engraved on the rocks of the place.

Terms of investing in the Turkish Stock Exchange

The first thing investors who want to invest in a commodity exchange should do is find an intermediary and open an investment account in a bank licensed by the SPK (Stock Exchange Board).

Terms of investing in the Turkish Stock Exchange

How to open an account to invest in the Turkish Stock Exchange?

Before opening an account, you can visit the official website of SPK (Stock Exchange Board) and see the current list of intermediary institutions and banks that have SPK license and are allowed to trade in the commodity exchange. It is recommended to choose the brokerage that provides the most suitable conditions for you by comparing the terms of brokerage services, transaction fees, commission rates and other costs and deductions of brokerage houses in this list.

It is very important that the broker you choose meets your expectations, because you have to do all the trading on the commodity exchange through the broker where you will open your investment account.

Your investment account will be activated when you personally visit a branch of your brokerage, read and sign the brokerage services framework agreement and risk notification form for capital market transactions. After transferring money to your account, you can enter your orders on the investment platform of the mentioned brokerage company and trade in the commodity exchange.

Istanbul Stock Exchange website

Turkish stock market index chart site

Conditions for opening a stock exchange account

What is a risk notification form?

Risk report forms are documents prepared to inform the investor about the risks associated with various stock market instruments. SPK has made it mandatory for investors who want to open an investment account to understand and sign risk reporting forms.

All investors who open an investment account must sign a public capital market instrument risk report form. In addition, investors wishing to invest in derivatives and warranty instruments must also sign the risk-taking instruments related to derivatives and warranties.

Types of investment market in Istanbul Stock Exchange

  • Stock market
  • International market
  • Bond and document market
Types of investment market in Istanbul Stock Exchange

Turkish stock market

National market:National market:.

National secondary market: This market includes companies and small businesses that expect growth They are high.

Serious economy market:It is related to the finance of information technology companies.

ETF market: It is established to exchange the shares of investment funds.

The market of monitored companies: This market is for companies that refrained from providing more information due to the non-disclosure of company information.

These companies operate under the supervision of the stock exchange company for more care.

Wholesale market: In this market, there are any shares that are not traded in the national market or the national secondary market.

Of course, in this market, stocks are bought and sold with a high volume.

Pre-emption coupon market: In this pre-emption market, coupons or certificates are used to increase capital.

What is trading on a commodity exchange like?

The Turkish stock market started working in 1997 with the acceptance of international bonds by the vice president of the treasury. This market now includes the deposit transactions of Kazakhstan’s largest bank, Kazkommertsbank.

In addition, European bonds called Eurobonds issued by the government of the Republic of Turkey are also traded in this market. All transactions in this market are done in US dollars.

According to the progress of the Turkish securities market, this market has become one of the most important securities markets in the Middle East

Bond and document market

The market of bonds and documents is an organized market for the trading of securities that have a fixed income and includes 3 parts:

  • Market for repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements
  • One-stop buying and selling market
  • Real estate market

Official trading hours OfficialStock market From 9:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to It is 14:30.

To Bond market From 9:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to It is 17:00.

International market It is from 13:00 to 16:30.

And finally, the international bond market is from 10:00 to 17:00.

Istanbul Stock Exchange website

What is trading on a commodity exchange like?

Investors in the stock market place their buy and sell orders through the online investment trading platform provided by the brokerage, and trades or trades are made when the orders automatically match by quantity and price. . Orders can be sent by phone and fax or in person.

In order for a buy order transferred by an investor to be realized, a sell order must be sent to the stock exchange at the same price to fulfill that order. Execution of orders in the commodity exchange depends on the matching of supply and demand. Depending on the investor’s preference, stock offers and unfulfilled orders will be canceled at the end of the day or wait for the buyer.

How to earn money in the commodity exchange?

If you want to invest your savings in the Commodity Exchange and make more profit from your passive income, instead of keeping your savings or big money in long-term deposit accounts as a passive source of income, you can Open an investment account at a stockbroker and buy investment instruments that you expect to increase in price.

If the stock price bought to invest in the Turkish Stock Exchange increases according to your estimates, you can make a profit by selling the stock at your desired price and realize your profit.

If you create a balanced portfolio by diversifying your investments, you can manage their distribution to minimize your risks and maximize your profits. In order to be able to get accurate stock price estimates when buying your portfolio, you need to monitor the movement of stock prices traded in the market for a while and carefully research companies’ financial data, their growth expectations and profitability. Do.

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