Umraniye of the Asian part of Istanbul

Umraniye of the Asian part of Istanbul
Umraniye of the Asian part of Istanbul

Umraniye district of Istanbul is one of the Asian regions of Istanbul, which is bordered by Üsküdar district from the west, Atasehir district from the south, Sancaktepe district from the east and Çekmeköy district from the north. And its area is about 22 thousand hectares. Civil engineering is a very rich region in terms of economic diversity, which consists of small industries producing clothing, spare parts and wood products. This region is an example of urbanization in which rural and local parts. Preserved from the shopping centers of Umraniye area, we can mention Ak Yaka Park Shopping Center, Asia Park Shopping Center, John Park and Boyaka Shopping Center. The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, the Fraser Plus Hotel Antasia and the O’Olie My City Hotel are some of the famous five-star hotels in the area. Public transportation in this area is easy and you can reach this area by subway or bus and Dolmoush. The development area is undergoing great changes and for this reason the value of investment in this area is increasing day by day.

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