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Kâğıthane from the European part of Istanbul

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Kâğıthane from the European part of Istanbul

Istanbul’s Kâğıthane district is another European area of Istanbul, bordered by Beşiktaş in the east, Sarıyer in the north, Şişli and Beyoğlu in the south and AEyüp Sultan in the west. The central location of Kağıthane district has achieved considerable progress thanks to the development of other real estate projects as well as regional developments such as transportation and construction of subways and tunnels in the region. This region has a special face due to its proximity and proximity to areas such as Levent, Taksim and Şişli and areas such as Maslak and Sarıyer. Today, many very stylish and luxurious residential and office projects in this area are being built and completed. Kâğıthane district was considered as one of the subdivisions of Şişli district, which was established during the disintegration of Şişli district in 1989 by Kâğıthane district municipality. Among the largest neighborhoods in this area, we can mention seyrantepe, Hamidiye and Talaat Pasha neighborhoods. In the field of transport, the main highways of Istanbul are available from the north and south of the region. The Kapatash and Mahmoud Bey metro lines also run south of the area. The most famous sports club in the area is Has Bahçe Club, which has a basketball and wrestling volleyball court. Shopping centers in this area are Akis and Sapphire shopping centers and the day markets of this area are held in a neighborhood every day of the week. Among the sightseeing centers of Kâğıthane region, we can mention Saadabad Mosque and Has Bahcheh promenade. Hotels in this area include the Aina Hotel, the Delta Bay Marriott Hotel and the My Rose Hotel. Also, among the hospitals in this area, we can mention Kağıthane Government Hospital and Gol Tappeh Private Hospital.

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Kâğıthane from the European part of Istanbul
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