Advantages and disadvantages of studying in Turkey

مزایا و معایب تحصیل در ترکیه
Advantages and disadvantages of studying in Turkey

Due to the increasing number of international students in Turkey, in this article we try to examine the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Turkey. There are many reasons to study in Turkey, which has attracted the attention of many students around the world due to the natural, spiritual, transportation and special appearance of its cities. In 2018, Turkey is mentioned as an emerging market economy with a per capita GDP of about $ 11,000 (dollars). Also in 2019 at

A list produced by the United States and published annually on March 20, World Happiness Day, ranked Turkey 79th on the list. The cost of living and studying in this country is much lower than in European countries, which is one of the main reasons for the migration of students to this country.

We will first give a brief description of Turkish cities and then examine the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Turkey.

Student cities of Turkey

Turkey ranks second in the list of countries with access to higher education with an education rate of 94.2%. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is thousands of years old, but today it is flourishing as a global city with a permanent horizon. Eight years after the country was declared the European Capital of Culture, it became one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world; The cultural heritage of this city has been noticed by many tourists and people of the world. Istanbul Technical University and Bogaziçi University are among the top universities in Istanbul in 8th and 10th place in the EECA rankings, Koç University is in 12th place and Sabanci University is in 11th place in this ranking.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the second largest city after Istanbul; It is the commercial and political center of Turkey, with a large student population as well as a significant number of international diplomats. The most popular Turkish tourist attractions in this city, in addition to its beautiful beaches, include Ankara Castle, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the tomb of Anit Kabir, the tomb of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. The two top universities in the world are Ankara, the Middle East Technical University (METU) and Bilkent University, which are ranked 8th and 14th, respectively. Another university in Ankara, located at high altitudes, is Hacettepe University, which ranks 33rd in the EECA regulations. Other universities in Ankara include the 63rd Ankara University, Gazi University and the University of Economics and Technology.

Benefits of studying in Turkey 2020

Benefits of studying in Turkey 2020

In order for a person to immigrate and study in another country, there are undoubtedly advantages and disadvantages, which vary depending on the individual’s circumstances. As Turkey is an immigrant country and has universities with good rankings in the world, it is a good destination for Iranian students. Studying in Turkey includes the opportunity to study relatively cheaply and with good quality, with opportunities for scholarships as well as monthly scholarships paid by the university, which include accommodation, health insurance and travel expenses. It also becomes. Students studying medicine in Turkey can work in Iran after graduation, and the degree received from Turkish universities is approved by the Ministry of Health of Iran. In general, to enumerate the benefits of studying in this country, we can mention the following:

Quality and higher education opportunities: Turkish universities, both public and private, are world-renowned and have a high level of education.

High diversity of universities and fields of study
Cultural similarities between Iran and Turkey
Approved by the Ministry of Health of Iran, many Turkish universities
Having a student exchange system
Low cost of living and education
Modern and advanced information technology
Easy living conditions
Possibility to use scholarships
Being close to Iran

Due to the fact that Turkey has suitable conditions for Iranian students compared to European countries, so it is a safe and convenient option to study abroad.

Disadvantages of studying in Turkey in 2020

Given the many advantages that Turkey has, in examining the disadvantages of studying in Turkey, we can mention a few that may be small but are very important for some people. One of these disadvantages is learning Istanbul Turkish. In most Turkish public universities, courses are taught in Istanbul Turkish, and people have to attend Turkish language courses for a year to study this language, after which they can present an Istanbul Turkish language certificate. They can enter the university and practically drop out of school for one year. Turkish universities where English is taught are private universities that cost several times the annual tuition of public universities. Also, the people of this country speak Turkish and it will be difficult for a person who does not know Turkish to even interact with other people in their daily life.

Another disadvantage of studying in this country is that the student is not allowed to work while studying, and one cannot work as a student while studying in this country. Due to the increase in international students in this country, some universities are facing a shortage of dormitories that one is forced to rent a house, which unfortunately the cost of renting a house in cities like Istanbul is a little high, which can be considered as possible problems. He pointed to a person who intends to study in this country.

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