Tuition fees in Turkey

Tuition fees in Turkey

There are many incentives to study in Turkey, including affordability, quality of education, scholarship opportunities, monthly allowances, accommodation and tuition fees, health insurance and travel expenses. There are currently around 650,000 international students in Turkey, which shows the growing importance of the country as a higher education destination.

Top universities in Turkey

Foreign students wishing to enroll in postgraduate programs at Turkish higher education institutions have the opportunity to attend universities directly and, of course, must have completed their high school education at the end of which they received a 12-year diploma. Have done. Applicants must verify their documents at the Turkish Embassy in their home country and apply for a student visa. International student programs are considered by universities within the areas reserved for foreigners. Students must also take the International Student Entrance Exam (YÖS), which consists of two steps.

The basic learning skills test, which requires at least 40 marks, and the Turkish language proficiency test are taken to assess language proficiency (if any), which is held if language courses are not mastered. University courses are taught in English, German and French at some Turkish universities. Applicants must pass the Graduate Entrance Exam or take one of the international exams (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.) required by each university, the equivalent of which is recognized by the University Senate. . Evaluation of the results of these exams is done by the relevant universities.

Top universities in Turkey

Most of the scientific institutes, such as Turkish universities, which number about 200 and are relatively new and state-owned; The most recent of these is the Antalya International University (AIU), which welcomed its first students in 2012. Turkish public and private universities comply with the Bologna Agreement, which standardizes classification programs across Europe, and many universities in Turkey are members of the Erasmus + program, which supports international student exchanges. .

In the latest version of the strong rankings of the Higher Education System (QS), the Turkish postgraduate education system ranks 43rd in the world. The top Turkish universities are located in Ankara and Istanbul. In Ankara, there are Middle East Technical University, Bilkent University and Hackete University (all in the top 50), and Bogazici University, Koç University, Sabanci University, Istanbul Technical University and Istanbul University (all in the top 30). Located in Istanbul.

Tuition fees for students in Turkey

Tuition fees in Turkey in public schools

Immigrant children can study for free in Turkish public schools, but because the language of instruction in public schools in the city is Turkish, many immigrant parents enroll their children in international schools. International schools in Turkey serve different nationalities and offer a number of international curricula and foreign language instruction; In addition, most international schools in Turkey provide students with the opportunity to learn Turkish.

Accommodation in international schools in Turkey is limited, so parents are advised to consider other aspects in addition to the standard costs before sending their children to study in Turkish schools, because with additional costs such as clothing, school, text publications, extracurricular activities. Curriculum and transportation This cost increases, so parents should carefully consider the budget, and if they are moving with the help of a lawyer, they should pay the cost of education with additional costs before migrating to Turkey. Determine carefully in your contract negotiations.

Tuition fees in Turkey in international schools

There are also private international schools in Turkey. They are a popular choice for most foreign families living in Turkey. The level of education is high and students have access to foreign standard test materials. Checking whether these schools have international accreditation is important in view of the fact that if this is not the case, your child may not be eligible to enter a foreign university. Therefore, you should check this before applying for admission to the school in question, even before entering Turkey. The cost of private international schools varies by school; They can vary from around € 6,000 (Euro) per year to € 15,000 (Euro).

Tuition fees for students in Turkey

The amount of tuition varies according to the chosen course depending on whether it is a private or national university and where it is located. At state and national universities, semester tuition can be around $ 300 (dollars), while at private universities student tuition can be as high as several thousand dollars. In general, as in all countries, tuition fees at private universities are more expensive than at public institutions, and tuition fees for international students vary according to the degree.

Tuition for higher education programs is set by the government at the beginning of each academic year. The approximate annual tuition is as follows:


University Costs in ($) dollars
Public universities (in Turkish, for Turkish citizens) 80 – 250
Public universities (in Turkish, for foreign nationals) 240 – 750
Public universities (in English, for Turkish citizens) 150 – 500
Public universities (in English, for foreign nationals) 450 – 1500
Private universities 5000 – 20000

Master's course

University Costs in ($) dollars
Public universities (in Turkish, for Turkish citizens) 100 – 200
Public universities (in Turkish, for foreign nationals) 300 – 600
Public universities (in English, for Turkish citizens) 200 – 300
Public universities (in English, for foreign nationals) 600 – 900
Private universities 5000 – 20000

Reducing the cost of studying in Turkey through scholarships

Turkish Scholarships are a competitively funded government scholarship program awarded to outstanding students to pursue a full-time or short-term program at a top Turkish university. Curricula Other applicants wishing to study at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels will be free.

Scholarship programs eligible for TL (Turkish Lira) monthly scholarship
Bachelor 700
Master 950
PhD 1400

These amounts include monthly tuition, one-time return ticket, health insurance, accommodation and one year of Turkish language course.

Duration of scholarship award:

  • Bachelor: 1 year Turkish language course + 4-6 years (depending on the usual duration of the program)
  • Master’s course: 1 year Turkish language course + 2 years
  • P.H.D: 1 year Turkish language course + 4 years

Eligibility and minimum academic criteria for obtaining a scholarship:

  • Minimum academic achievement for undergraduate applicants: 70%
  • Minimum academic achievement for postgraduate and doctoral applicants: 75%
  • Minimum academic achievement for health science applicants (medicine, dentistry and pharmacy): %90

Age criteria:

  • For undergraduate programs under 21 years
  • For postgraduate programs under 30 years
  • For doctoral programs under 35 years

Citizens of all countries are eligible for scholarships if they are graduates of the current year or applicants who graduate by the end of the current academic year, as well as academic researchers.

Living conditions and estimated cost of studying in Turkey

Living conditions and estimated cost of studying in Turkey

Compared to Germany and some European countries, Turkey is one of the cheapest options for living and studying in terms of rent and food. In most cases, living on campus is more economical for an international student; Of course, it is also possible to join the community by renting a house or room, which costs about 50,000 TL (lira). On average, an international student spends about $ 400 to $ 500 a month to pay for living expenses in Turkey, including accommodation, meals, clothing, entertainment, transportation and calls. Books and office costs about $ 100-150 (dollars) per semester. Keep in mind that these figures vary depending on where you live, your daily lifestyle, and your course of study.

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