Wikipedia filtering in Türkiye

محدودیت ویکی پدیا در ترکیه
Wikipedia filtering in Türkiye

Wikipedia in Türkiye was under some restrictions and filtering. For several years, the Turkish government has tried to partially restrict access to Wikipedia. The main reason for these restrictions, in addition to security reasons, may be political and other reasons.

Wikipedia filtering in Türkiye

In May 2016, the Turkish government completely blocked the access of its citizens to Wikipedia, a global free encyclopedia. Reports from internet users in Turkey indicate that they are no longer able to access the website.

According to an independent monitoring group, the conditions applied to Wikipedia in Turkey are consistent with other websites that have been filtered in the country, and Turkish users are faced with the message that the site is “not available”.

This issue is another example of security measures and internet restrictions in Turkey.

Active political groups in Türkiye believe that the government under the leadershipRecep Tayyip Erdogan Responsibility for restricting access to Wikipedia in this country is in charge, but the government itself has not made an official comment on this matter.

Wikipedia in Türkiye

Wikipedia is a free and online encyclopedia that is prepared and regulated by the human community in a cooperative manner. This encyclopedia project can be accessed through the website at ““. Wikipedia is created by many people from all over the world translating, authoring and editing articles.

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Also, Wikipedia is used as an authoritative source in various fields of science, history, art, technology and other fields.

What is Wikipedia?

Why was Wikipedia banned in Türkiye?

In 2017, access to Wikipedia was severely restricted in Turkey after the website refused to remove an article about Turkey’s interactions with armed groups in the region, as well as the terrorist group ISIS.

Why was Wikipedia blocked in Türkiye?

Effective solution to access Wikipedia in Türkiye

  1. Use VPN: Use VPN software to route your internet traffic through servers in other countries. This will allow you to access Wikipedia by changing your IP address

  2. FreeGate and proxies: Tools like FreeGate and proxies can help you bypass filtering and access Wikipedia.

  3. usingbrowser Tor: Toris a secure and hidden browser that allows you to wiki پدیا Get access by protecting your privacy.
  4. yo use Dedicated email and dynamic IP address: Some people prefer to create email or accountsA user with a dynamic IP address is used to enable access to Wikipedia.

If none of the above solutions worked for you, the only thing you can do is put a zero at the beginning of the Wikipedia site and try.

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