Buy property with digital currency

خرید ملک با ارز دیجیتالی
Buy property with digital currency

If you are looking to buy property in Turkey with digital currencies, our holding company has provided this possibility for you. 4K Group provides buyers and investors with flexibility and ease of purchase. You can buy a property in Turkey from 4K Group with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Paying with Bitcoin is easy, reliable and fast without losing the transaction exchange. We offer you 2 ways to pay with Bitcoin.

Buy property with digital currencies in Turkey

Pay with Bitcoin - Receive the property document on the same day

If you are buying a property belonging to 4K Group, we will give you a Tapo (property document) when you receive the money in your wallet code.

Step 1: We calculate the amount of bitcoins required at the time of payment based on the exact value of the bitcoin stock exchange against the euro or the dollar.

Step 2: When you transfer the bitcoin to the company wallet code, you will receive the title deed on the same day.

Buy any type of property by paying bitcoin

Buy property with bitcoin digital currencies in Turkey

If you are buying a property from the list of 4K Group properties:

Terms of purchase with Bitcoin

If you buy a property with Bitcoin or other digital currencies through FourK Group, the conditions are as follows:

  • We request a 3% exchange commission for this exchange service.
  • 4K Group is like an exchange office.
  • We are converting bitcoins to cash only for the properties you buy through 4K Group.

Other digital currencies

Which digital currencies are better and whether to buy a property in Istanbul, Turkey?

4K Group also accepts other payment methods for digital currencies, including Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Atrium.


Buying property and citizenship questions

Yes, it is possible to buy real estate from ForK Group with Bitcoin.

Yes 4K Group is a company that specializes in acquiring citizenship through investment. We have already provided Turkish citizenship with Bitcoin many times before.

Yes, after signing the “Real Estate Purchase Agreement with Bitcoin” together, you will transfer your bitcoins in accordance with this agreement. 4K Group makes every effort to ensure that all transactions are done transparently and informs you at every step.

Not. You can buy any real estate (residential, commercial and land) from 4K Group with Bitcoin.

Not. You do not pay any additional taxes when buying real estate with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is just a safe way to transfer money abroad.

The limit for the amount of bitcoin that can change in one day is 1,000,000 Turkish lira. Although it varies depending on the selling price of the real estate, it takes from one day to one week.

After transferring your bitcoins to the Bitcoin 4K Group account, we will organize a video chat with you. In this chat that we share on the page, you will see the rates at the same time and decide which rate to use.

Yes. You can also pay all the remaining costs with Bitcoin.

Other cryptocurrencies that you can use when buying real estate from 4K Group include Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, Litcoin, Title, Stylar and Atrium.

Not. Unfortunately, we do not exchange bitcoins without buying property.

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