Stay in Turkey by buying a property

اقامت در ترکیه از طریق خرید ملک
Stay in Turkey by buying a property
اقامت ترکیه با خرید ملک -پاسپورت ترکیه

Buying a property in Turkey is the best option due to the country’s unique geographical location, return on investment at the current rate, low cost compared to European countries, and the use of property on par with European properties. This is only part of the benefits of buying property in Türkiye.

ConditionsBuying property In Türkiye, it depends on your purpose of this purchase.

اIf your goal of buying a property in Turkey is to stay permanently in this country، Must have a minimum amount75 thousand Dollar Consider buying a property.

But if your purpose of buying a property is to obtain a Turkish passport, you must pay the minimum amount400 thousand dollars Consider investing in this field. This amount can be used to buy several properties and it is not necessary to use the entire amount to buy one property.

However, you need to pay attention to the fact that the property you want to buy is not located in rural areas, villages or military areas and is in areas where there is a municipality.

Therefore, before buying a property in Turkey, it is better to talk to reputable and expert advisors in the field of buying property and investing in Turkey to make the best decision to buy a property according to your goal.

Also, it should be noted that buying a property in Turkey also contains risks, such as fluctuations in the property market, administrative and legal problems, issues related to the obligations of builders and real estate consultants, etc.

Therefore, to invest in Türkiye’s real estate sector، holding 4k Group This has provided you the opportunity to spend the least amount of money and time and with the knowledge of your desired property buy and Residence in Türkiye get the. For more information, just call us now for free.

What is the minimum purchase price for a property in Türkiye for residence?

قیمت خرید خانه در ترکیه- اقامت و شهروندی ترکیه

Buying a property with a capital of approx 75 thousand dollars، The possibility of obtaining residence inIt gives you Turkey. But if your purpose of buying a property is to obtain a Turkish passport, you must pay the minimum amount400 thousand dollars to invest in this field get.

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Staying in Türkiye by buying a cheap property !!

Houses for sale in Istanbul

Buying a commercial or residential property in Turkey can be a good opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship and passport. But is there a solution to get Turkish residence by buying a property at a lower cost?

In answer to this question, we must say that yes, it is possible to buy cheap property in Turkey; But it should be kept in mind that not every property is suitable for investment. In other words, you should buy a property that you can sell easily and with a high profit if you decide to sell it. in this way، 4k Group experts They are always by your side to make the best choice with the least investment you have.

شرایط خرید ملک در ترکیه و قوانین اخذ شهروندی ترکیه

The Turkish government’s decision to grant temporary property residence privileges, known as Tashinmaz residence, is based on the fact that foreign buyers (non-Turkish nationalities) are required to Get Tashinmaz residencebuy a property with a minimum official value of 75 thousand US dollars in big cities and a property with a minimum value of 50 thousand US dollars in small cities.

According to the newer conditions and rules, applicants who seek Obtaining a Turkish passport are, they should invest at least 400 thousand dollars in this field. To buy property in Turkey, there are some restrictions for foreign applicants, the most important of which are the following:

  • Foreign applicants can buy only 30 hectares of land in Türkiye.
  • Foreign applicants are not allowed to buy property in military and security areas.
  • Foreign applicants can only purchase a maximum of 10% of the properties in a range.
  • In case of land purchase, the applicant must start the project within 2 years.

Is buying property in Türkiye suitable for investment?

اقامت ترکیه با خرید ملک و اخذ شهروندی ترکیه

Buying property in Türkiye can be a good investment option. Turkey has a dynamic and growing real estate market, and in recent years, the attraction of foreign investors in the commercial and residential real estate sector has increased.

Some of the benefits of investing in Turkish property include the following:

  1. Property price growth: Property values in Turkey have grown significantly in recent years, which can result in high financial returns for investors.

  2. Rental income: Due to high tourism and high demand for rental properties in Turkey, property rental can provide a sustainable source of income.

  3. Facilities and services: Buying property in areas with various facilities and services, such as big cities, tourist areas or entertainment complexes, can help increase the value and attractiveness of the property.

  4. Residence and citizenship: By purchasing a property of a certain value, you can use residence programs such as “Property Purchase and Golden Residence” in Turkey and even acquire Turkish citizenship if you meet the relevant conditions.

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شرایط خرید ملک در استانبول ترکیه
  1. When you want to get Turkish citizenship with this process, you can pay at least five hundred thousand US dollars (US$500,000) Invest for a minimum period of three (3) years in a fixed deposit in a local Turkish bank, Turkish government bonds or real estate investment credits Real estates .
  2. You can buy a property with a value higher than four hundred thousand US dollars(400,000 US dollars) buy and pledge in the registration office that it will not sell the property for three (3) years sell. The source of investment funds must be self-financed and paid in full (in this group there is no possibility of securing credit and bank credit).
  3. To start your own business that consists of minimum employment Fifty (50) Turkish employees Is ، Provide social security to all employees and at least three (3) Maintain business year, employees and social security payments.

Necessary documents to obtain residential residence

مدارک و شرایط خرید ملک در ترکیه
  • You must be over eighteen (18) years old to apply.
  • Copy of notarized passport. If your passport is in a language other than Turkish, this passport needs to be translated by a sworn translator at the Turkish Notary.
  • Four (4) biometric passport photos are required for each applicant. This photo must have a white background and have biometric conditions. Keep in mind that these photos should not be more than six (6) months old.
  • Valid health insurance. This requirement is not required for foreigners under 18 or over 65 years of age.
  • Criminal record for all countries where you have lived for the past five (5) years.
  • Evidence of your investment.
  • The real estate ownership document must be registered in the earthquake ownership and insurance document by the Civil Registration Organization with a three (3) year sales restriction.
  • According to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance or the Turkish Capital Markets Board, a document that proves a minimum investment of five hundred thousand US dollars (US $ 500,000) for at least three (3) years.
  • According to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, a document proving the employment of at least fifty (50) employees.
  • Certificate of no criminal record.
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If these documents are obtained from Turkish authorities, they must be electronically / signed and stamped. If obtained from a foreign country, they must have a valid license and have official certified translations of the notary public. If the applicant is a national of a country that is not a signatory to the Apostille Convention, the documents must be certified by the relevant government authorities (approved by the consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or authorized Turkish authorities).

Short-term residencepermits include other opportunities for foreigners coming to Turkey as follows.

  • Scientific research (filming activities for documentaries, films, archeological excavations and excavations, surface research, film location research, etc.)
  • Medical treatment,
  • Short-term training programs (non-training programs),
  • Judicial authorities (victims of domestic violence and foreigners who are divorced from Turkish citizens and therefore need another right of residence issued through the court).
خریدار مسکن در ترکیه چه افرادی هسنتد

Foreigners can obtain a residence permit under Law No. 6458, which deals with foreign law and the protection of international law.

If you are a foreigner coming to Turkey for the first time, you can get a residence permit with a lease agreement.

Although the process is fast and effective, there is one important thing to be aware of.

This residence permit is valid for one year. It cannot be extended by a lease.

A residence permitwith a lease does not give you the right to become a Turkish citizen after 5 years.

Turkish Legal Laws 2023 and latest Turkish citizenship changes

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