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Beşiktaş from the European part of Istanbul

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Beşiktaş from the European part of Istanbul

Beşiktaş region has 23 neighborhoods which are adjacent to Şişli region from the west, Bosphorus Strait from the east, Beyoğlu region from the southwest and Sarıyer region from the north. One of the important features of this region is the 15th Thames Bridge or the same as the Schitler Coperoso, which connects the two continents of Asia and Europe. In the 2013 rankings, this region achieved the highest cultural level ranking in the whole city of Istanbul. The emergence of neighborhoods such as Levent and Etiler expanded the Bosphorus coastal road and enhanced economic life in the area. This growth and development peaked in the 1970s with the opening of the Bosphorus Bridge. Following the commercial and tourism goals of Istanbul, the growth of shopping malls and the construction of five-star hotels in the Beşiktaş region intensified. Some of the best hotels in this area are Switzerland Bosphorus, Rafflesrengriella, Four Seasons, House Bosphorus, Cheragan Plus. Also among the shopping centers in this area we can mention Zorlu Center and Ak Center. The most important sightseeing and historical centers in this region are the Maritime Museum, the historical pier, the tomb and statue of Barbarus, the Cheragan Palace, the Star Palace, the Dalmeh Bahcheh Mosque, the National Palace Museum, and the beautiful Ortakoy neighborhood. The presence of consulates in Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Denmark, the Republic of South Africa, Israel, Spain, Cyprus, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia also gives Besiktas political credibility and importance. One of the most important sports venues in the area is Vodafone Park Stadium, where the famous Beşiktaş football team plays its home games. Beşiktaş is one of the three most popular teams in Istanbul and is very popular throughout Istanbul. Beşiktaş is a metropolitan area in the center of Istanbul and therefore has many advantages in terms of transportation. The main transportation arteries in Beşiktaş are Barbaros Boulevard, Delma Bahçe Street, Bosphorus Beach Road and Nisbetiye Street, which are very important due to the existence of public transportation.

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منطقه بشیکتاش (Beşiktaş)
Beşiktaş from the European part of Istanbul
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