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Rent a house in Turkey

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Rent a house in Turkey

Turkey is located on the border of Asia and Europe with a population of 82 million people and an area of 783 thousand square kilometers and is governed by a republican type of government with a single parliament. Knowing the cost of renting a house in Turkey will be very important for people who intend to immigrate for study or work and invest in this country.

The most important and largest city in Turkey is Istanbul, which has attracted the attention of international investors due to its favorable geographical location for trade, exports and imports. Turkey’s main export is agricultural products and in 2005 it was ranked seventh in the world in agricultural production. This article has been prepared by the experts of Holding (4K Group) to guide those interested in migrating to Turkey.

Cost and conditions of renting a house in Turkey

The cities of Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir and Alanya have the highest annual migration, which are the most popular cities for immigrants in Turkey. It often happens that after seeing the beautiful scenery of Turkey, international tourists decide to invest and buy property after receiving a tourist visa in this country. Knowing the cost of renting a house in Turkey can be very useful for people who intend to immigrate and stay in Turkey, as well as for people who plan to travel to Turkey for tourism. The most important thing to consider when renting a house in Turkey is that the property you are looking for must have a short-term or long-term rental license. Renting a house in Turkey does not require payment as a mortgage; When renting, you only need to deposit twice the amount of the first rent with the landlord.

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We start by examining the cost of renting a house in Turkey with the popular city of Istanbul; Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Istanbul will cost an average of 600 lira to 800 lira, but renting a large three-bedroom apartment for your family can cost up to 3500 lira per month. The above average is true for newly built houses in the city center and above the city of Istanbul, and you can rent apartments around the city at a lower cost. It is very common for people who travel to Turkey as tourists to rent apartments and suites on a daily and weekly basis at a low cost. The daily rent of a newly built apartment in the Taksim region of Turkey can start from 75 lira and can vary up to 150 lira, which is determined according to the facilities of the house.

Guide to renting a house in Turkey

If you are traveling to Turkey as a tourist, you should keep in mind that apartments for hotel stays of less than a week are usually cheaper than renting a house. If you are planning to live in Turkey, you should pay attention to the security of the neighborhood and the quality of construction of the apartment, as well as the facilities of the houses, when examining the apartment for rent. It is better not to choose only the price of the house, because in some parts of important cities, Turkey has old apartments without low-cost amenities that are not suitable for living. Due to the high cost of fuel in Turkey, transportation costs are even more expensive than some European countries; Be careful in choosing where you live and the distance to work or study.

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During your stay in Turkey, you may be introduced to houses by unreliable people and non-legal groups at low prices, but never rent them. Try to rent legal houses provided by reputable real estate consultants, as this will minimize the possibility of legal problems in the future. It is good to know that in addition to face-to-face visits, you can search for the desired apartment through real estate websites in different cities of Turkey, along with looking at house photos and checking prices. For those who are financially able, we suggest that you consider buying a property in Turkey, as this way you can obtain a permanent residence visa for your spouse and children under the age of 18.

Cost of living in Turkey

The cost of living in different cities of Turkey varies according to the level of welfare and recreational facilities, but in general, the cost of living in Turkey is average and close to the cost of living in Iran. Electricity and gas costs in Turkey are relatively expensive because the country does not have oil resources and buys oil from countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. The monthly charge for one-bedroom apartments in Istanbul or Antalya is around 100 to 150 lira, which increases to 350 lira for large family apartments. It is possible to buy gasoline in Izmir, Turkey at a price of 7.6 lira per liter, but the same quality of gasoline in the big city of Istanbul can cost 7.4 lira.

Buying food in Turkey is not cheap and eating lunch in a Turkish restaurant in Antalya, Izmir or Istanbul costs at least 150 lira for two people. Tuition fees in Turkey will be free for those who apply for a Turkish citizenship visa in schools and universities. Most Turkish citizens have national health insurance to cover medical expenses and it is mandatory for immigrants to receive this insurance. About supermarket purchases, the price of a kilogram of red meat in Istanbul is 92 lira and in Antalya 58 lira, and the price of fruit is about 5.1 lira per kilogram in Istanbul and 4.6 lira in Antalya and Izmir.

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For more information on immigration to Turkey or the conditions for obtaining Turkish residency and citizenship, contact the holding experts and experienced lawyers of the holding (4K Group).

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