Complete Turkish Residence Guide 2021

راهنمایی کامل اقامت ترکیه
Complete Turkish Residence Guide 2021

Residence and citizenship of Turkey are two issues that many do not know the difference, below we discuss the difference between residence and citizenship of Turkey and its advantages and disadvantages.

What does it mean to stay?

Staying means staying somewhere. If you are going to stay in Turkey for a long time, you must get a residence permit in Turkey. You can get temporary residence in Turkey by obtaining a student visa, buying a property, renting a property, registering a company, investing and a job offer. All of these cases will be covered later in the article.

Temporary residence in Turkey is one year and must be renewed every year, and after 5 years you can apply for permanent residence.

What does citizenship or citizenship mean in Turkey?

In the matter of citizenship, you are officially a citizen of Turkey and enjoy the benefits of citizenship. And it has advantages and of course problems, including:

You will have the right to vote.

You do not need a license to work.

Your salary and retirement benefits will be included.

You will be issued a birth certificate, passport and national card.

You can get a permanent SIM card in your own name and enjoy many bank benefits.

If you are to be considered a Turkish citizen, you must speak Turkish.

Men between the ages of 21 and 38 must also serve in Turkey if they have not completed military service in their home country.

Benefits of staying in Turkey

Staying in Turkey has many fans. Maritime climate, economic development, having many scenic areas and good job prospects are some of the reasons for migrating to this country. Acquiring Turkish citizenship also has advantages such as being among European countries.

Benefits of Immigrating to Turkey

  • Proximity of Iranian and Turkish culture
  • Being among European countries
  • Proximity to Iran in terms of distance
  • Iranians do not need a visa to enter Turkey.
  • Being among European countries
  • Very good weather
  • The cost of living is slightly lower than in Iran.

Note that Turkey, despite being European, is not yet an official and accepted member of the European Union.

Advantages and disadvantages of staying in Turkey

  • You will not be allowed to work as a student or tourist (described below).
  • You have no obligation to learn Turkish.
  • You will not need to renew your residence permit for permanent residence.
  • There is no compulsion to serve in the military.
  • Lack of salary and pension benefits is one of the disadvantages of living in Turkey.
  • You will also not have the right to vote or leave the country for more than one year.

Conditions for obtaining residence in Turkey

The general conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey depend on your circumstances. How much money do you have, how much education do you have, how much work experience do you have and what is your purpose in migrating? They all play a role in creating the situation and you have to look at your goal and plan first and then create the conditions. Because each way has its own documents and conditions. Even the time period of obtaining residency varies. In the following, we will explain the types of accommodation in this country so that you can better understand the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

Types of accommodation in Turkey

First you have to ask yourself, exactly for what purpose do you want to get residency? For education? Work or use banking services without restrictions? Maybe you are migrating to Turkey for a comfortable life. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” If you do not specialize, learn. Then research and see which of the ways to immigrate to Turkey is right for you.

Stay in Turkey by buying a property

Buying property in Turkey is one of the best ways to obtain Turkish residency and citizenship. You can get a one-year stay in Turkey by buying a property for any amount. If the property is still in your name after one year, you can renew your residence, and if you do so for 5 years, you can get permanent residence in Turkey.

You can also apply for Turkish citizenship by buying a property worth US $ 250,000. Of course, you should not sell the property for up to 3 years.

Alternatively, you buy a property worth US $ 500,000. In this way, you will no longer have a ban on selling the property for up to 3 years.

You should keep in mind that if you pre-purchase the property under construction, you are allowed to buy the property in installments, but you can no longer take out a loan to buy the property.

General conditions for obtaining residence by purchasing a property

  • Buy property in areas designated by the Turkish government (your property should not be around military land or strategic points.)
  • The transfer of property to another is not allowed for 3 consecutive years.
  • Complete and submit the application form for Turkish residence and citizenship by purchasing the property
  • Provide a passport or document proving the status of the investor.
  • Provide witnesses and certificates that determine the civil status of the applicant.
  • Receipt of receipts for full payment of taxes and other additional costs to the Turkish Ministry of Finance

Stay in Turkey by buying cheap property

One of the common topics that you dear ones share with us in consultations is that other sources told you that you can buy a house in Turkey for 150,000 lira; The fact is that if you are going to buy at this price level, you should know that you will definitely not have the right to choose the desired location, and this means restrictions on progress and acceptance of high risk in investment.

and also :

Poor area, lack of facilities, overcrowding, insufficient standards in construction, lack of up-to-date houses, distance from the main roads and high risk in investing, are all factors that should be avoided in order to make a purchase that is beneficial to you, not To take your capital into recession and put yourself in a place where you are not.

Residence in Turkey by renting a property in Turkey

It is also possible to stay in Turkey by renting a house, so that you can apply for a one-year residence permit after renting the property. The lease must be legally executed and registered with a notary public so that the Turkish Security Service can inquire about it.

Please note that renting a house in Turkey is only one year and cannot be extended. Unless you have purchased a property or found a job during this time, or other forms of residence that are fully covered in this article.

tip : There is no limit to your rent; The only thing that exists is that in Turkey it is usually difficult to rent a house to foreigners (to all foreigners, not just Iranians). Unless you have a guarantor or an introduction, or you have to pay the rent for the house a month or a year in advance to rent the house to you.

Staying in Turkey through work

One way to get a residence permit in Turkey is through work. In order to immigrate to Turkeyfor work and residence through work in this country,you must meet one of the following conditions.

  1. You must get a job offer from a Turkish employer.
  2. “Foreign nationals with a residence card can apply for a job in Turkey according to their specialty. Because Iranian citizens can travel to Turkey without a visa, and Iranian citizens can travel to Turkey in person for up to 90 days due to the possibility of traveling without a visa, and look for a job according to their specialty, and Or from inside Iran, by searching Turkish job search sites, to search for the job they want, and after finding and coordinating with the employer, to travel to Turkey and go through the legal steps.)

Once you have found your job and reached an agreement with the employer, the employer must recruit foreign staff. Register the site of the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security and then the job seeker Up to 90 daysafter the judge submits his / her application with his / her documents to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate General to Can obtain a Turkishwork visa.

Important point about obtaining residence through work

One of the most important points that if you intend to stay in Turkey through this way is that having a specialty is the most important point. And if you do not have specialization, this method is not suitable for you. And you should seek to learn the specialties that are needed in Turkey. Knowing English and Turkish is also a very important advantage for you. The average wage in Turkey for international workers usually ranges from $ 35,000 to $ 105,000.

Experts and immigration lawyers of Holding (4K Group) are proud to provide the best consulting services to our dear compatriots, relying on their legal and immigration knowledge as well as their valuable experiences of many years.

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