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Complete Turkish Residence Guide 2021

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What is the difference between residency and citizenship in Turkey?

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What does it mean to stay?

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What does citizenship or citizenship mean in Turkey?

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Benefits of staying in Turkey

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Benefits of Immigrating to Turkey

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Advantages and disadvantages of staying in Turkey

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Conditions for obtaining residence in Turkey

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Types of accommodation in Turkey

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Stay in Turkey by buying a property

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General conditions for obtaining residence by purchasing a property

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Stay in Turkey by buying cheap property

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and also :
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Residence in Turkey by renting a property in Turkey

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Staying in Turkey through work

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Important point about obtaining residence through work

One of the most important points that if you intend to stay in Turkey through this way is that having a specialty is the most important point. And if you do not have specialization, this method is not suitable for you. And you should seek to learn the specialties that are needed in Turkey. Knowing English and Turkish is also a very important advantage for you. The average wage in Turkey for international workers usually ranges from $ 35,000 to $ 105,000.

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Complete Turkish Residence Guide 2021
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