Turkey’s largest industry

بزرگترین صنایع ترکیه
Turkey’s largest industry

In this article, we have tried to acquaint you with the largest industries in Turkey so that you, dear ones, can get general information about the conditions in Turkey; Information that can be useful for those who intend to immigrate or do business in this country. It should be noted that various industries in Turkey are booming and generating income, and due to the multiplicity of these jobs in this article, there are more general explanations about the top industries in Turkey, and we

Working conditions in large Turkish industries

will have references to other industries; You can continue with these industries Get to know more. But the questions that the Forki Group Holding Experts group answers in this article about the working conditions of Turkey and its large industries are:

  • What are the costs of high-income industries in Turkey?
  • Is investing in Turkish industry a good way to invest?
  • What is the income in different industries of Turkey?
  • Does working in Turkey lead to residency in this country?
  • Do you have information about major Turkish industries?

Turkey has a good labor market situation in the Middle East and even Eastern Europe, and the main reason for this rapid development is the existence of Turkey’s largest industries. Industries that, as their circle of growth and development expands, are in dire need of foreign labor; The majority of this workforce in Turkey is made up of Iranian specialists and workers. But before taking any action, you should know that labor migration to Turkey starts with finding a job offer; Applicants can also apply for an entry visa (Turkish work visa) and a Turkish employer can apply for a work permit (same as a Turkish residence permit) from the Ministry of Labor MLSS; This license is usually for one year, but can also be renewed several times. The documents required to apply for a visa to stay in Turkey through work are as follows:

  • Completed application form
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • 2 pieces of passport photo
  • Confirmation of no bad record
  • Employment contract with Turkish company
  • Valid educational or professional qualifications
  • Health insurance booklet
  • Lease in Turkey
  • Confirmation of daily financial capability of at least € 50 (Euro)
  • Round trip ticket reserved
  • Turkish work visa application fee

Introducing the largest industries in Turkey

As mentioned in the introduction, the multiplicity of industries in the successful country of Turkey makes it possible to explain the largest industries in Turkey. Industries such as Turkish Airlines, Oil Company, Koç Holding Company, Turkish Textile Industry, Agricultural Industry as well as smaller industries such as Akbank Company, Archlik Company, Yapi Kurdi Bank Financial Services and Banking Company, Ajzaji Bashi Holding, Alarco Holding , Ironing Company, Ulker Company, Petroleum Office Company, Turk Telecom Company, Trexel Company, Taprash Company, Tofash Company, etc. It may be necessary for someone who intends to work in the country’s industrial complex or to trade with Turkey to obtain the necessary information in all of the country’s industries; In the following, we will mention the best of them.

Textile industry as one of the largest industries in Turkey

Turkish textile industry türk textile sector

Textile industry as one of the largest industries in Turkey As you know, good brands have invested in this industry, so that in recent years, in our country, people travel to this country to buy clothes to get the goods and clothes they want. It is worth mentioning that this industry is one of the most lucrative industries in Turkey. It is interesting to know that in the 2014 survey, Turkey was ranked 8th in the world as the world’s clothing export with a share of 3.4%; In 2017, the country generated $ 12.5 billion in revenue from clothing exports to other countries for Turkey.

Turkish Airlines and its impact on the industrial cycle of Turkey

Turkish Aviation Industry - Türk Havacılık Sektörü

As you know, Turkey is a tourist country in the world and therefore the Turkish Airlines will have a high duty and activity in transporting tourists from other countries. Turkish Airlines is in Istanbul with the Turkish flag logo on it; The airport was renamed Ataturk International Airport by Mustafa Ataturk in 1933. It should be noted that most of the country’s activities are to destinations in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Turkish Oil Company and its impact on the country's industries

Turkish Oil Company and its impact on the country's industries

For a more detailed explanation of the Turkish oil and gas industry, it should be noted that Turkey has no oil wells and will supply this shortage of oil in 2010 with a contract with Venezuela; A bilateral agreement reached with Venezuela on the construction of the settlement by Turkey. It is worth mentioning that the high income of this company is a good source of income for Turkey, the company was established in 1954 and is responsible for activities such as exploration, drilling and production of petroleum products such as gasoline.

The Turkish Oil Company recorded a reserve of 590 million barrels of crude oil in 2005, to continue to significantly improve its operations with 1.5 billion barrels of crude oil in 2010; The relative increase in production of 4 times more barrels of crude oil in these 5 years shows the development of this industry in Turkey. At present, with the discovery and drilling of the first gas source that Turkey acquired in its country on August 23, 2020, it can exploit this gas source on its own and without the need for a contract with other countries. The people of Turkey have celebrated this great discovery in their country, because with the proper management of this gas field, it can be beneficial for the people and the Turkish economy. It is worth mentioning that the amount of this gas source is 11 trillion square feet. One hundredth is the amount of gas source in Iran.

Koç Holding is one of the largest industries in Turkey

Koç Holding is one of the largest industries in Turkey

This large complex has various sections of activity that have led the company to the top 10 companies in Turkey. The company’s field of activity is in the fields of construction, tourism, defense, food, investment, energy, automotive, financial sciences and retail. As you can see, in addition to generating high income for the Turkish people, this company can create many job opportunities for them. The company was founded in 1926 and now with the establishment of 115 companies continues its extensive activities in the various fields of work mentioned.

You may be interested to know that 90,000 employees work in the 14,000 established companies of this powerful group. We can mention Tofash, Grundik, Autokar and Karsan sub-groups of this holding. It is good to know that most of the shares of this company belong to the Koch family, which makes them one of the richest families in the world; Koch Holding is also ranked 247th among the top 500 companies in the world.

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