Turkish citizenship through investment - the fastest way to get citizenship in 2 months with a minimum of $ 250,000

With a simple application process and investment in eligible projects, you can obtain Turkish citizenship and citizenship in a short period of time and enjoy its benefits such as moving to Europe or the United States under Turkish citizenship programs and visas. Become.

Turkish Citizenship and Citizenship Program

Investing in US $ 250,000 real estate is a quick way to get a second passport in 2 months offered by Turkey. This program includes a simple application process without any obligation to declare assets or income to Turkey from investors in other countries. Whether it is investing in a property as an alternative accommodation or a solid investment with high potential, there is a wide range of modern apartments and luxury beach villas, all at very competitive prices.

In this program, investors can benefit from rental income or sell after 3 years and benefit from the benefits of capital increase due to the increase in property prices.

The program also offers easier routes to travel to some European countries and the United States under the relevant visa for Turkish citizens. In addition, investors can travel to more than 110 countries without a visa.

Fast processing of citizenship applications
The passport will be issued within 60 to 90 days from the time of sending the application
Invest in risk-free real estate
Various options for buying one or more properties with a minimum total value of $ 250,000
Potential return on investment
Continuous income from rent as well as the possibility of reselling the property after 3 years
The whole family is eligible
This program includes citizenship for spouses, children under 18 and children with disabilities of any age
No need to stay
The whole process can be done remotely before or after receiving citizenship
Visa-free travel
Visa-free travel to 110 countries, including Singapore, Japan, Qatar and South Korea
safe place
There are more than 700,000 immigrants and 60,000 international companies with complete security in this country
Dual citizenship
Turkey recognizes your dual citizenship
Valid for a lifetime
Citizenship is passed on to your children and to their children
High standard of living
Comfortable yet affordable lifestyle

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Visa-free travel to 110 countries

Holders of Turkish passports do not need a visa or have an airport visa when entering 110 destinations, including Singapore, Japan, Qatar and South Korea. Turkish citizenship is the easiest and most cost-effective way to enter the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Turkish citizens can reside in the United States on an E-2 US investment visa (the US E-2 Convention allows citizens of signatory countries, including Turkey, to reside in the United States).

In addition, obtaining a Turkish passport is the first step in migrating to the UK under the Ankara Agreement, which allows Turkish nationals to start and immigrate to the UK in less than a month. The simple Turkish personal business visa process is one of the fastest ways to stay in the UK with your whole family.

Visa-free travel zone with Turkish passport
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Investment options

The most affordable option for investors and applicants for the Turkish citizenship program for investors is to buy a property in this country with a minimum value of $ 250,000. Property can be rented for income, and after 3 years of acquiring citizenship, investors can resell their property. Other investment options include starting a business as well as a cash deposit.

The first option

Buy real estate up to 250 thousand dollars

  • Buy residential or commercial property.
  • This property can be rented for a continuous income, or sold after 3 years.
  • Investors are not limited to investing in one property and have the right to buy several properties.

The second option

Cash investment of $ 500,000

  • Fixed asset investment approved by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology
  • $ 500,000 deposit in a Turkish bank for at least 3 years
  • Government bonds with the possibility of receiving interest as income.
The third option

Starting a company and business

Starting jobs and creating jobs for at least 50 Turkish employees in jobs approved by the Ministry of Labor.

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship

The focus of Forki Group Holding is to provide hassle-free services throughout the work process. We will guide you through every step of the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship with complete confidence and accuracy, to ensure that your application is properly completed and submitted, and that the legal process is carried out carefully and in accordance with the legal procedure.

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