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Germans occupy the first rank of tourists in Türkiye!

رتبه اول گردشگران ترکیه
Germans occupy the first rank of tourists in Türkiye!

Tourist visits to Türkiye have increased significantly in recent years

Germans travel to this country as the most international tourists.

In this article, we examine the reasons for Turkey’s popularity among German tourists after the crisis period of the Corona virus, and the role played by the travel agency union.

Germany plays a role in the development of Türkiye’s tourism industry.

Norbert Fiebig, head of the German Travel Agency Association (DRV), at the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) exhibition in the German capital.

Berlin was held, stressing that travel bookings are currently very positive, stating that in December, January and February

They received good bookings. For this reason, Turkish tourists are known as the most tourists in the world

And this is one of the good things that we have for our Turkish partners and friends.

Turkey is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and has been able to attract a large number of tourists with its all-inclusive travel packages.

Due to Turkey’s reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, a large number of German tourists prefer it during their vacations

travel to this destination.

Fiebig, head of the association of German travel agencies, on the preferences of German travelers after the crisis period of the corona virus, especially in the months of December.

January and February explained that Germans were looking for holidays in traditional destinations such as Turkey and making their travel bookings in these destinations.

they further said: There is a great demand especially for Turkish tourists as one of the most popular destinations for German tourists. Turkey

بیشتر بدانید..  The increase of taxes and duties in Türkiye was announced for 2024

Regarding packages Tourism All Inclusive is very good.

Fiebig added: Among the tourist destinations in Germany, Turkey is by far the most successful tourist destination. That is why we are partners

And our Turkish friends, we are working on sending more tourists from Germany to Turkey every day.

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