Fraud techniques in Turkish citizenship

تکنیک های کلاهبرداری در شهروندی ترکیه
Fraud techniques in Turkish citizenship

The main goal for Turkish citizenship is to invest $ 250,000 in the Turkish economic system through investment. Therefore, any program that disrupts this process is considered illegal and the granted citizenship will be revoked.

In recent research, the Turkish government has found that fraudulent schemes are currently being used in the process of obtaining citizenship using various payment methods and property repurchase guarantees. In order to prevent fraudulent methods and direct real capital to illegal channels, the government has amended the relevant laws. New provisions in the Turkish citizenship regulations were published by the Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM) on 22/03/2021, and from this day on, sellers can not guarantee repurchase. To Guarantee real estate used for citizenship purposes, and the Turkish government will prevent these fraudulent acts.

The guarantee of resale of real estate is not enforceable and is illegal

Resale, resale system or resale guarantee system is a method commonly used by construction companies for citizenship applications and misleads the government in identifying real capital. This seems to be just a destructive and cunning marketing tool for citizenship programs. The company claims to receive citizenship with real estate cheaper than the minimum investment required by the government.

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They adjust the building appraisal report to fit the citizenship plan ($ 250,000). After the end of the waiting period for the applicant’s citizenship status (approximately 3 years), the company using The contract guarantees the repurchase of the property and uses the contract to guarantee the repayment of the property by the buyer, which is apparently aimed at protecting the owner against price fluctuations, and by guaranteeing the repurchase of real estate at a price of 30-35% higher. Becomes. But these companies in the first place use the money back guarantee by the customer to get more money from her and receive more and extra money. With the new changes in the regulations, if such contracts are observed in the sale of real estate, the citizenship status of the applicant will be revoked immediately.

It may seem complicated, it is better to explain with an example.

If you are applying for Turkish citizenship, the Turkish government will charge you $ 250,000 as an investment. Instead of paying this amount, some construction companies sell property cheaper than the citizen’s investment and illegally alter the applicant’s property valuation report. After 3 years and after the waiting period for selling the property for the property you have used for citizenship, they guarantee a resale or repayment with a 30 to 35% price increase and use that property again to obtain citizenship.

But now, due to changes in citizenship laws, a property can only be used once for citizenship applications, and companies can not repurchase property used for citizenship applications, thus preventing fraud.

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Another example:

In some cases, it is recommended that you borrow money to buy a home and repay it with a monthly interest rate, and you guarantee that after repaying the principal amount with interest and completing a three-year period, Get a residence, leave the house to the seller again with a 30 to 35% price increase. You assign the seller.
In the end, you pay $ 250,000 plus interest to the seller, and you give the house to the seller with only 30 to 35 percent interest.

This plan may seem very attractive at the time of the offer, but in the end, in addition to paying more, you will also lose the citizenship and citizenship gained under the new law.

According to the changes made in the regulations on March 22, 2021;
  • If a property is used for citizenship purposes, the seller, even after the end of the 3-year waiting period, cannot take back the same property and purchase it under a contract between them.
  • If a property has already been used for Turkish citizenship applications, that property cannot be used for another citizenship application. Each property can be used only once to apply for citizenship.
  • It is no longer legal to guarantee the advance payment of rental income for the citizenship process.

If the buyer’s citizenship application meets one of these conditions, even for the first time, the buyer’s citizenship status will be revoked with the loss of citizenship rights. For more information, you can click here and read more about these regulations.

As a leading real estate company in Turkey, we always work according to the law and ethics. We believe in the importance of building trust, and we advise our compatriots who invest or buy a house in Turkey to apply for Turkish citizenship through legal means.
Respect for the legal process is important for building trust and confidence.

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Experts and immigration lawyers of Holding (4K Group) are proud to provide the best consulting services to our dear compatriots, relying on their legal and immigration knowledge as well as their valuable experiences of many years.

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