Best price guarantee

4K Group lists all properties with average prices and the best price in terms of the “best price guarantee” principle on the website.

Our professional charter assures clients that every property buyer pays the exact value of the property.

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Property valuation methods

The value of all properties is assessed by our office managers and property supervisors in the following ways:

  • Check other properties for sale in the same building from different sellers
  • Check the largest database portal for estimated evaluation reports
  • Compare property prices on other property portals
  • Price control on the websites of other real estate agencies

If you see a higher price on our website than any other operating system, we guarantee that an additional 1% discount will be applied to the commission we receive on a potential sales contract.


The best house prices in Turkey

If you are buying real estate in Turkey as a foreigner, an assessment report is required to obtain your title deed from a notary public.

The cost of a valid evaluation report by SPK varies depending on the city and its characteristics.

zero 4K Group Holding offers these services to its customers for free.

Professionals approve the property when requesting an appraisal report. They film, and oversee Tapo’s office. Finally, they search for registered municipal programs. Experts collect prices for comparison. The length of a study is between 20 and 35 pages. Preparation takes 2 days.
Tapo office does not want to be in the real estate law for more than 3 months. If the report expires, we will help our customers to renew it free of charge after 3 months.
The Real Estate Valuation Office will be set up under the Land Registry and Cadastre Office in accordance with the presidential decree on 5.2.2019. Real estate transaction price evaluation and figures for Turkey are very recent. We are at a very early stage. Because we do not have a large database, the accuracy of the report may vary by up to 20%.
After selecting a property with 4K Group, we directly arrange a fast and reliable service specialist.
SPK stands for Board Market Board, which in Turkish means Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu. It is the highest regulator in finance, stock exchanges and banking in Turkey.

Holding 4K Group is the largest real estate filing in Istanbul

سوالات خود را با ما مطرح نمایید

درصورت نیاز و مطرح کردن سوالات ضروری میتوانید با کارشناسان حقوقی ما در ارتباط باشید.

درصورت تمایل می توانید شماره تلفن خود را جهت تماس همکاران ما در این بخش وارد نمایید
درصورت وارد نمودن نشانی پست الکترونیک می توانید پاسخ سوال خود را به صورت مشروح در ایمیل خود دریافت نمایید.
در این بخش شرح موضوع و یا سوال خود را وارد نمایید

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