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Residency rules increased from $75,000 to $200,000 by purchasing property in Turkey.

After calling the immigration department’s voicemail, it was approved that Turkish residential residence is granted only to houses that are purchased for more than 200 thousand US dollars and this amount must be written in the document.

تغییر قوانین اقامت ترکیه

According to the approved laws for buying real estate in Turkey, people who are interested in buying real estate in this country from October 16, 2023, must sell their property on the condition that the central bank has announced the dollar rate on the date of issuance of the real estate document. Buy with a value of more than 200 thousand US dollars.

The value of the property will be checked by the immigration office based on the rate written in the document, and expertise will not be evaluated.

People who bought a property in Turkey after 2022.04.26, these rules will not include them. That is, the value of the property must be more than 75 thousand US dollars in big cities and more than 50 thousand dollars in small cities.

Currently, according to the new rules, there will be no difference in big and small cities, these rules are the same for all cities.

The important point that you should pay attention to is that the deed of the purchased property must be konut, have an accommodation report and also be used for this purpose, and if parents and children under 18 years old and adult children dependent on the family, if a share in the deed have, they can apply for residence in Turkey by buying a property.

In this case, you can apply for residence by buying a property in Turkey.

Regarding receiving the Turkish passport, the amount of 400,000 US dollars is still confirmed and no new news has been officially announced.

If you need more information about property purchase rules, you can use the articles published on the site.

آیا این پست برای شما مفید بود؟

آیا این پست برای شما مفید بود؟

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